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I hope you will find this site creative and innovative. The core of it is that you can download any of my books and read them before paying (or not) what you judge they have been worth to you. The rules are simple.


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That’s it. You can see that this inverts all normal buying habits. It puts you in charge.


You deal directly with me, the author, both by contribution and feedback. No middlemen. No Amazon. No need for prior reviews in the literary columns.

I hope you all become a fan of the site and tell all your friends, or tell me what you think of it here.


Novellas & Shorts

Small but perfectly formed? Big ideas in small parcels? Messages in bottles?
The short story tries to be all of these. Nowadays they have become the medium of choice for commuters and travellers who want to have a complete reading experience between boarding and alighting; or those with a leisurely hour to fill in the garden or on the sofa or beach. I have tried to ensure that every one of these tales has a twist ending that you would be hard pressed to predict!

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The Begetters

Global harmony. DNA has been fully mapped and conquered. Surely no-one can bring chaos to the peace and security of mankind?

Future Imperfect

The end of civilization is here. What lifeline is there? Who is trained to take the species forward? Could a games-player bring salvation?

Heavenly Bodies

The audience wants to see people being made over, losing their weight, gaining beauty. They get what they bargained for and more, much more…


An artist is marooned by snow. Then his unknown past comes to haunt him when he discovers an anonymous videotape among his belongings in his cellar.

The Sense of Being Sinbad

To be alone in the face of death. How can you make it a fulfilling experience? Sinbad meets a strange, clairvoyant woman who helps orchestrate the days remaining in his life.

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What is the future of humanity? Are the dreams of today going to evolve into the nightmares of tomorrow? A creature is returning to Earth after centuries. What will civilisation make of her? And she of it?

Through a Mirror Clear

A writer faces a taboo in his family history. What is real and what is fantasy in his recollections?


Time travel is possible but there are rules. Break them and there are consequences.

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The Visionary

A doctor finds a strange pathology in her patients’ eyes. She decides to operate on herself one night and discovers a personal history that she has being denying.

Without Blemish

Ah a new smart phone. What a release! What a liberation! What strange adventures might await. Be careful what you wish for! New technology contains as much potential for horror as ancient ruins.

The Inspection

The Inspection is a full length play. It has not been performed as yet, though there has been a deal of interest by London producers. I include the whole play for free downloading. It charts the lives of two characters moving between their relationship as boys in the 1950s and today. Their  interactions provide the backcloth to a central educational debate can Art be reduced Find Out More

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