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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Prose Portal

You might take a look at which is my portal to books I have written. The Mondrian design presentss an instant summary of what I have to offer. The two novellas I have completed since I published Azimuth are yet to be added. They will supplement the range of genres. What you have is the Azimuth Trilogy, a one thousand page saga following the life or death adventures of a man in search of enlightenment, embedded in a further narrative of political intrigue; a noirish, mordant detective story called The Strange Attractor in which chaos theory plays a significant role in catching the criminals and Through a Mirror Clear: a Gothic Love Story which approaches the taboo boundaries of family life. To be added is a sci fi story about the death of one civilisation and the birth of another called Sex:Future Imperfect and a surreal fantasy about an eye doctor who operates on her own eye called The Visionary. Currently I am working on Easeful Death, a novella about what you might do if you are given three months to live.

As you see, #writing is now my way of life. It keeps me sane. It is a fantasy land, every bit as real or unreal as every day life. It is a conversation with the unconscious that draws self-knowledge from the well. It is a bridge between my world and yours. It says far more about me than any attempt at direct self-description. It is a curious paradox that we hide so much from each other in the normal to and fro of existence but if we become writers we disclose far more than we might like. The writer exists in a goldfish bowl of his own making.


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