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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Prince Andrew: the Royal Right Wing

There is a genealogical line in the Royal Family I believe that has seen them, over the decades, breathily embraced with fascism. The Queen Mother had her somewhat tarnished reputation for all things Right and nasty, heavily glossed in the second world war, to make her appear a war heroine, one of the first campaigns over which Saatchi would have been proud. And she was just the latest in a long line of Nazi sympathisers. Oh no she wasn’t! Did not William go to a ‘natives and colonials’ party in Nazi uniform? The Queen seems to have kept herself to herself in most matters political but she did marry that consort to racism, Philip and thus they produced Andrew who, for some unaccountable reason, goes under the title of Royal Ambassador or some such toff tosh. The fact that he is figuring in Wikileaks is hardly a surprise. It turns out he hates the Guardian for its nosiness in business deals, particularly those involving arms sales to countries that have no compunction in using them against their own people or their neighbours. Like his father he is incapable of moral judgment. Given their generations of wealth acquisition, tax dodging and EU handouts in all sorts of dubious circumstances it is hardly a surprise.


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