Short Stories, Poetry and Plays

In this section are novels for you to download to your preferred reading device, whatever that may be. All of these fictions are substantial reads, equivalent to between 200 and 350 normal paperback pages in length. They cover a range of genres and each one has a short synopsis to guide you.

  • Four Play: A Play for Four Actors

    Four Play: A Play for Four Actors

    On acting: “We thicken the cardboard – at most. But it’s better to think of it as just another dressing… Know More

  • The Simultaneous 6

    The Simultaneous 6

    The Senetian laughed and its voice made a low rumble which rippled up and down their bodies pleasantly. Then, before… Know More

  • Trial and Punishment: An Epic Poem

    Trial and Punishment: An Epic Poem

    At the beginning of Its imperial rise As guardian of the galactic horizons The Entity had adopted a circumspect presence… Know More

  • The Inspection

    The Inspection

    Bill What a bloody wheeze! I told you the caretaker wouldn’t be around. God I feel great. Fizzing. My body’s… Know More

  • Transgression


    Decades earlier, before the first of us, Rob, was discovered as a mere bag of bones in a coat of… Know More

  • She


    She was the supreme rendition of that quest for the perfect expeditionary warrior, a symphony of traits and qualities which… Know More

  • Without Blemish

    Without Blemish

    The new smart phone was waiting for him in its multi-coloured presentation box when he arrived home from work one… Know More

  • The Begetters

    The Begetters

    It was the fifty third sample they’d worked on. There was no doubt. The microscope had picked up order. His… Know More

  • Heavenly Bodies

    Heavenly Bodies

    The inevitable adrenaline rush took over which, when added to the triumph of standing there, on the other side of… Know More

  • Rupture


    The camera panned down to her black stilettos, then returned slowly up her well-formed calves, over her knees and the… Know More