A great film needs a great writer

I added this to my diary Latest News at www.chronometerpublications.me just now. And it fits here as well.
Had a two hour walk today down the mountain to Vernet Les Bains, once the home of Rudyard Kipling. The eye held up ok in the heat. Thought about a clutch of films I have seen this year: The Good Shepherd, Page Eight, Tinker Tailor (plus the old TV series) and, last night, A Dangerous Method, Cronenberg’s take on Jung and Freud. Why bind them together like this, apart from the costume drama nature of them? I like the writers’ penchant for telling lines, the fact that they all had a literary, stylized feel and they had an eye for period psychology. Keira Knightley has leapt to the top of my want-to-see actresses. She is phenomenal in the last named film by Cronenberg. In a sense, this latter film is just as much a spy drama as the others in its emotional subterfuge, deceptions and uncovering of truth. Trust is at the heart of all the films – broken, abused and rarely unshakeable. Just So stories for me. It made me want to get back and write a bit more of the novella about the eye surgeon and her discovery of the conduit to the soul.

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