Abandoned not Ended

Even the above introduction to the character of Jennifer Cord has had to be changed slightly. The description of Jennifer so that her qualities are consistent with the tale that is to follow. It’s right to say that no act of writing is ever finished, merely abandoned. This has been attributed to just about everyone though Paul Valery is possibly the first documented. Writing is its own tyranny to those who have fallen into the pit of the unconscious. I like the Robert Benchley remark to the effect that it took him fifteen years to realise that he couldn’t write but by then he was famous. Writers (and I am no exception) are pathologically desperate for attention. Unlike those with various forms of emotional and psychological illness our acting out tends to be virtual. I’m writing this on a creamy warm morning in the mountains. It infuses me with the desire to write creamy prose. By that I mean warm and seductive. This is probably why Jennifer’s character has been slightly altered!

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