Edward ‘Teddyboy’ Silver, the Master of Chaos

Edward ‘Teddyboy’ Silver is a private detective but is prone to shady deals now and then. He is commissioned to find a missing woman and in doing so he breaks the sacred rules he has tried to live by.

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Being prone to a shapely body does not help and the irony is that he finds his prowess as a detective under threat from networks of women, drugs and unknown hitmen. Even his modus operandum is upstaged by a black female colleague who knows Chaos Theory better than he does. Blackly humorous, There are wry echoes of Philip Marlowe in its engagement with a rural city in England.

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£5.00 (Digital Download)

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One response to “Edward ‘Teddyboy’ Silver, the Master of Chaos”

  1. superman avatar

    I really like this genre! Fast paced crime, sexy, amusing, loads of glam females and a private detective who gets double crossed by a host of femmes fatales! I did not predict the raunchy denouement which made me grin with admiration, Philip Marlowe, eat your heart out.


    It’s great reading a crime novel where every woman is a cut above the private detective. Men don’t usually write strong females like this. Very funny as the male lead flounders, tries it on and gets his comeuppance. It’s doubly amusing having this urban cowboy lost in rural UK, too. He gets a commission to find a missing girl. Seems an easy contract. Then hell and mayhem, girls who love girls, chaos theory and drugs. Just like any county town! Hope it’s the start of a series.