The Lone Shark and The Faint Scent of Prey

She called herself a trouble-shooter which was grimly literal. She operated outside the legal framework of the State. But the State paid her handsomely. She was very good indeed. He observed her as he pressed a call button and then came to sit down opposite. She still had no lines on her face, yet it was older, tougher than when they first met. Her undoubted beauty did not disguise a certain ice, a disinterested almost bored self-containment.

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The Internet has imploded. Societies have collapsed. Food and fuel are the most sought-after commodities. Most of the Government is corrupt but a shadowy figure is trying to clean it up. Can Grace Dart negotiate race militia and criminal networks and discover who is behind the gangs and the deaths of young women in this London of the near future?

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£5.00 (Digital Download)

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2 responses to “The Lone Shark and The Faint Scent of Prey”

  1. Jack Sanger avatar
    Jack Sanger

    This is a new book, written this year and waiting for exposure on this site. I’d appreciate your views on it!

  2. helen teague avatar
    helen teague

    A terrifying view of the future.