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I hope you will find this site creative and innovative. The core of it is that you can download any of my books and read them before paying (or not) what you judge they have been worth to you. The rules are simple.


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That’s it. You can see that this inverts all normal buying habits. It puts you in charge.


You deal directly with me, the author, both by contribution and feedback. No middlemen. No Amazon. No need for prior reviews in the literary columns.

I hope you all become a fan of the site and tell all your friends, or tell me what you think of it here.



In this section are novels for you to download to your preferred reading device, whatever that may be. All of these fictions are substantial reads, equivalent to between 200 and 350 normal paperback pages in length. They cover a range of genres and each one has a short synopsis to guide you.

Click on the book cover to see an excerpt from the story.

Azimuth Book 1: The First Journey

Book One: The First Journey begins with the Magus’ extraordinary, almost magical, arrival in the world and follows his growing up and his discovery of his talents, his relationship with his ‘foster’ father and his questioning of everything around him including his heretical attitude to religions and their gods. Each of his 22 adventures is like a short story, yet is linked to the next. We Find Out More

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Azimuth Book 2: The Second Journey

Book Two: The Second Journey, has 22 more tales, headed by the same sequence of Tarot cards. This is the middle stage of the Magus’ life and encompasses what he became famed for. He is more of a sage, has crystallized some of his thinking about the nature of existence but is faced by the likelihood of a terrible war which will lay waste to Find Out More

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Azimuth Book 3: The Final Journey

Finally we arrive at Book Three: The Final Journey. This is the final phase of the Magus’ life. He is recognized everywhere for his power and authority, his wisdom and central philosophy. He is now known as The Magus. There are 22 more chapters but the tales are now melded into a flowing narrative as the Magus journeys with a man of extreme evil to Find Out More

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The Second Birth of Anaiis Balanchine

Genetically modified for space exploration. Sole survivor of the test cohort’s medical engineering. Fugitive from the State - and other bad actors, Anaiis fights for survival - and a future.

Hot Flushes

Three overweight women's husbands in their forties embark on a callow conspiracy and start affairs. How will their wives seek reparation?

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The Strange Attractor

A woman is missing. A philandering detective uses Chaos Theory to find her and also finds a 'ring' of gay female criminals and anonymous assassins out to kill him. All the while he seems to be outwitted by women, both law-abiding and criminal. Will he discover who has abducted the woman and gain self-respect in his chosen profession?

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A Woman Who Kills

The Internet has imploded. Societies have collapsed. Food and fuel are the most sought-after commodities. Most of the Government is corrupt but a shadowy figure is trying to clean it up. Can Grace Dart negotiate race militia and criminal networks and discover who is behind the gangs and the deaths of young women in this London of the near future?

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The Mental Traveller

A cry for help from his closest friend takes Lawrence Ago, a writer, on a journey from Norfolk to Scotland. It results in meditations on lifelong friendships, relationships between men and women and the place of science and art in an understanding of life. Intermingled with his reminiscences are the dramatic events of the journey itself, during which inconvenient encounters with fellow passengers turn his Find Out More

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The Sense of Being Sinbad

To be alone in the face of death. How can you make it a fulfilling experience? Sinbad meets a strange, clairvoyant woman who helps orchestrate the days remaining in his life.

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