Carnivore Coda (Song for guitar 5)

The curse was scratched upon a wall

In a cave hid from the light

It said, “Beware millennia

Of glut and then of blight…”

But we just laughed at the prophecy

In our Paradise delight

On the final day of the thousandth year

A strange old madness showed

We cut the throat of a suckling calf

And we watched its final throes

Indifferent to its reckoning

And its mother’s howls of woe

“They cannot think, they feel no pain,”

We chanted blind with blood,

“Let’s rear them for our pleasure

To be our staple food.”

We turned all land to grazing

Convinced that meat was good

Blinkered to the land’s decay

And the rivers running dry

We sucked the life from Paradise

With countless sheds and sties

So when the new millennium dawned

There was no Paradise

We added to the land’s decay

With mass insecticides

And nitro-phosphates by the ton

Sprayed down from the skies

So in our new millennium

There was no Paradise

A scorched earth, a barren land

A leafless tree of life

A bird-less sky and empty seas

And silent silent nights

Thus began our living death

Our thousand years of blight


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