Casting Bread Upon the Water

I made the point some time ago that writing e-books was akin to putting messages in bottles on your desert island when what you really wanted was a full-size steamer to come by and save you (a book publisher). A friend muttered the other day that he did not want to broadcast his thoughts, implying that tweeting and blogging somehow involved a dumbing down of the high arts. I pointed out in return that there he was, nearly seventy, and unable to pass on his worldly wisdom because of fear of exposure. In other words, since he felt he could not measure up to Tolstoy then he had better keep his powder dry for reincarnation.
I once wrote in an A to Zen of Management ( “Tell everyone everything there is to know about you and they cease to have power over you” That’s it, really. Exposing oneself in tweets, blogs and e-books begins in acts of faith that you have something to say and ends with a sense of empowerment because you have added your individual voice to a discourse. We are made to feel embarrassed and a failure in our schooling and this carries on through life unless we use aversion therapy – which, in this case, is publishing and broadcasting our views.

Writing blogs and tweeting are both acts of personal exposure but also of marketing. Read my blogs and you might read my books, should you like the style, the humour, the insights…

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