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Friday, July 3, 2015



Like catching a big fish in a darkening lagoon just as you’re about to put away your tackle, I found Channelling on Sky Premier almost not seeing it breaking the surface. Unexpected. Hardly a review. Nothing on Rotten Tomatoes. No publicity. Winner of a minor London sci fi best film award 2013. But never ever going to a cinema near me or you.

It’s a bit flaky at times but has a raw magnetism. It’s Rebel Without A Cause in the era of Facebook and live streaming from the intimacy of the bedroom and building up your followers to prove you exist and being egged on to go naked or commit a viral act and be famous for five minutes. No place here for the poetry of the ambiguous phrase, gesture or gaze. We broadcast therefore we are. Now, what if we were to take it further? What if we stream those acts that border on the socially unacceptable or cross the lines we call taboos. What if our contact lenses contained cameras, connected to our smart phones and our lives became truly ‘live’ and our unscripted moment by moment acts became an unending serial reality …


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