Enemies of the People

As Gaddafi unleashes sub-Saharan mercenaries, threatening to kill the children in every family that has protested against his tyranny, Cameron the UK Prime Minister is wandering with a band of British arms dealers around Kuwait. His snake oil salesman’s rhetoric runs along the lines of every country needs to defend its borders. After the Libyan foaming dog sent in jets against his own people we may allow ourselves a little vomit in our handkerchiefs. The jets weren’t built in Libya. They were sold to the country by previous incarnations of our grubby salesman.

Meanwhile, away from oil rich states and firmly among the oil poor UK, the same Cameron and his siblings of state have introduced a new health test to check on people’s capacity to work. In an eloquent article in the Guardian today, people with terminal cancers, distressing pains, traumatising depressions and the like talk about the humiliation of the testing procedure. Do you watch East Eenders or Coronation Street? To do so means you can sit for half an hour. Nice for office work. Not that there is any work waiting for them. It is symbolic humiliation only. In the UK there is no culture of sensitivity towards those unable to work. They are just like elderly bed-blockers, a barrier to the capitalist enterprise.

In Soylent Green, an old but good science fiction film, the elderly and the extremely ill can opt for a fantastic, almost heavenly euthanasia to get them off the eating register. Fewer mouths to feed. Not only that but their cadavers are recycled as food tablets.

Now this is something the Tories would love to get their teeth into!


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