Europe Farewell?


In 2016 the news went fake

The Brexiters were on the make

Politicians lied and more besides

The poor got austerity and the rich got cake



It’s sad to say we are on our way

We won’t be back for many a day

Our hearts are down, our heads spinning around

We’ll need a visa to be Europe bound


They said we wanted no EU law

Despite being forced to clean up our shores

They said we’d have cash for the NHS

And our borders would have signs saying No not Yes


They said we’d be free to trade to excess

And turn the map pink with our exports’ success

And we’d all be rich, an easy feat

For the world would want to sit at our feet




Now it’s 2026 and we have British laws

Once banned toxins now cover our shores

Hospitals are downsized to A & E

It has to be spent on security


Everywhere you look it’s Social Care

The City of London has a derelict stare

Its ledgers suggest that our GDP

Will not even buy us a cup of tea


Oh we yearn for the days of cheap flights and vacs

With wine in our hands and the sun on our backs

And those friendships made with foreign hosts

Who ignore us now as turncoat ghosts


We left the EU for liberty

With a Church a Crown and democracy

We may have a Third World economy

But there is nothing like feeling proud and free


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