History Homework

Having tried a story in seven tweets once, I quite liked the challenge. So here’s another for your delectation and delight.


The Captain was finishing a coloured picture of a new species of fly. His ship rocked gently under a hot sun.


As he added the last brush stroke there was a little pop. He was gone. Just like that. It was as if he had never been.


A time and a half later a girl called Xanxy was doing some homework with a history hook and line. She twitched it.


‘Stop that at once, said her mother. ‘That’s your Father’s. It’s not a toy. You can cause all sorts of time knots at your age.’


She looked inside Xanxy’s collection tank as a bewildered man in a uniform appeared, carrying easel, brush and inks.


‘Have I done it right, Mama? It says, Research and illustrate the shipping terms Captain and Shanghaied and present them to class


‘Don’t ask me,’ said her Mother. ‘Just make sure the poor creature goes back where he came from, once you’ve shown him in the lesson.’

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