I write therefore I exist – but only if you read

If a tree falls in the forest and there is no-one around to hear it, does it make a sound? is a well known philosophical conundrum – since sound is only a vibration in our ears. Those that write e-books are posed with a parallel train of thought. If an e-book is written and posted on various platforms but is never downloaded, did the author ever write it? After all, text on a screen can only exist once a brain with eyes deciphers it. Even then the author may be forgiven for believing  s/he exists as a book’s progenitor only when a review pops up on Amazon or elsewhere.
We humans are vulnerable creatures. Evolution of our central nervous systems has led us to conjecturing whether we are here at all. Does everything around us merely constitute glorious figments of overactive imaginations, bound to dissolve into nothingness upon our decease? If every man and woman is an island then our creative artifacts represent home made rafts upon which we attempt to cross from isolation to the mainland of human gregariousness. Writing books bound for e-readers, those electronics clutched by our customers and whose screens become filled with the outpourings of our imaginations, are our acts of attempted escape from the unbearable isolation of being.
So, Dear Reader, if you download avidly, remember the author cannot exist until you review what it is that you have read. It is a great responsibility; the existence of the author!
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