Let the Good Times Not Roll too Soon

I have been heavily involved in writing a novella over the last four weeks, which led to its completion this morning, at least in first draft. It was the first time I had written sci-fi (in my Eric le Sange body), and, like most novellas, it had to have a twist ending. Somehow, the idea of writing a fifty to a hundred page story without a big clout of an ending seems to me to be anathema. Even in Azimuth, each chapter has twist endings and the two narratives, at the end of the trilogy have proven already to have upturned its readership with delighted surprise.
I approached the ending of the sci fi story: Sex: Future Imperfect with mounting excitement (excuse the unconscious pun!). After all I only worked out the twist myself as I was going to sleep last night. So, I began developing the narrative towards my imagined ending and then, just at the point where the twist is introduced, I downed tools and went off into the garden to look at the mountains (see photo in last blog). Why? Deferred gratification. Indulgence and delight. I was putting into practice something that I have learned over the years. Defer the best bits as long as possible to let your mind envelop them and tease out all the ins and outs and consequences. Really enjoy being the author for moments like this are to savour. You are the first reader of your own work. Make it great for yourself.

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