New Review for The Azimuth Trilogy

Jack Sanger’s sprawling epic, Azimuth is a trilogy that brings to mind myth and folklore of times long gone. It conjures memories of a barely remembered past; one that feeds the subconscious and brings to life archetypes almost forgotten, yet still resonate in our collective unconscious; the stuff of dreams and legends. The narrator, Kamil has been commissioned to tell the story of the Magu – ancient patriarch of the current dynasty – to Sabiya and Shazrad, royal princesses of the court. The story is a dual revelation; one of origins and the other of court intrigue and danger. It is reminiscent of such fables as Morte Author, Lord of the Rings, The Arabian Nights and the Adventures of Ullyses; even stories of Krishna and the Bhagavad Gita from ancient India. Its appeal is multicultural and encompassing; something for everyone. For those who revel in that nebulous region where myth and memory blur, this book is for you; and for those who simply love a great read. The story is broken down into chapters, each one relaying the life and adventures of the Magus; stories of magic and mystery. Each chapter is self contained yet the stories are connected and masterfully intertwined with the myriad plots and conspiracies of life at the royal court, which are the backdrop to this amazing adventure. I give it a Five Star rating and recommend it to all lovers of myth and pre-history. I can’t wait for the movie!
Dr. Rachel Campbell
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