Obituary for The Ancient Mariner

My friend Sean, poet and translator of the Greek into the Irish, sent me an email today regarding footballers who cross themselves at the beginning of matches. Sean wonders what gross perversion of morality has them praying for a hat trick rather than for the millions who will die from starvation in the oncoming months. This religious egocentricity is common enough and aeons old. As Mrs Thatcher might have said, “There is no such thing as Christianity or the Caliphate, only Christians and Muslims!”

News yesterday that the bones of a 14 year old boy have been found close to Stonehenge, that circular astrological and religious wonder of the Ancients. He had an amber necklace around his neck. Very important person. A bit like footballers’ bling. When his teeth were analysed it was discovered that he had grown up in the Mediterranean. This was 3,500 years ago when Stonehenge was THE place to be seen at, praying. How had he got over to the sceptered isle? No doubt by rowing, think the archaeologists.

What did he pray for? Should we conjecture? Hardly for the wealth and wellbeing of nations, tribes or clans. More likely that he would have a long and successful life and become a Chief of men. But he only made it to fourteen.

No change there then.

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