Returning Angel (Song for guitar 3)

This time it was in a casino bar

There were blue lights on the ceiling

Reflecting on your lamé gown

Neck to waist revealing

With your crimson lips and finger tips

And your pigtailed platinum hair

Your skin as white as sun-bleached bon

And your haughty naughty stare

You wore spike shoes and elbow gloves

And chained bag on your shoulder

With eyes that promised parad

I never acted bolder

I bet my life against the wheel

And watched the ball careering

It spun its arc of destiny

Fate riding on its steering

The final click and it settled down

With the crowd all gasping around me

But all I saw was your nod and smile

As you pushed the prize towards me

And like the son of a seventh son

With brothers six before me

The ball had answered all my pray

And I was rich as royalty

You stared at me as I stood there

I’d visions of our history

Of other lives in other times

When you appeared – to save me

I hoped this time you’d halt the wheel

And make our cycle end

But you turned back to spin the ball

And abandoned me again

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