Some Reviews of the Azimuth Trilogy

Reading great book. It is either for learning and information, or for pleasure and escape. Azimuth combines both of these. I was fascinated and transported but also what I learned about meditation and spirituality in this epic has helped me on my own path. It is a must read and must own Andrew, Lord Stone of Blackheath
I love it. A brilliant read, an extraordinary story¦..It was compulsive reading” dusting went undusted, vacuuming unvacuumed.  I even ate some meals in front of my computer. How gross is that? Val, a Canadian reader
I wanted to write and say a heartfelt thank you for bringing these stories to life. I took so much enlightening and thought provoking thoughts from them all, and yet, far from feeling like I was in a dry lesson,  I revelled in the excitement and suspense of the storytelling, yearning to know what happened next at every step and relishing each new discovery. At the same time, I loved each reminder of a philosophy I had forgotten but which now appeared as an old friend with new clothes. I think I have some catching up to do with some of them…
Much to my dismay I discovered that I don’t have the gifts of the Magus and couldn’t see what was coming at all -which meant it was hardly possible to put the book down. Although of course it is this capture of curiosity and emotions within a tale that I love so much about reading a good book.  Each time I moved from Kamil to the Magus and back again my heart would fill with sadness that I was leaving one and yet joy that I would find out more about the other. I’m in awe of your talent!
I feel so excited about what I’ve read that I could ramble on but as there’s no point preaching to the converted, :-) I’ll save it to encourage more people to read the book.
I have a sneaking suspicion that the book will continue to reveal further insights and secrets on each reading depending on one’s own place in life, much like in the way each traveller saw something slightly different when they looked at the fool’s card. And I’m excited to know the book will be on my bookshelf to provide inspiration in future.” Lizzie, UK
“I loved the way the plot came together. Surprises but ones that didn’t strain credibility.
The second two books seemed to me to have tremendous jeopardy – both in the holding story and that of the Magus.
It built to a real crescendo in the third book – both stories absolutely compelling.
The whole turned overnight into a page turner. There’s also something very new about what you are doing in the book. Something to do I feel with the tarot cards
and the aphorisms and the female characters but I am not familiar as you know with the genre”.  Vanessa UK
“Story telling at its absolute best!!!! If you would like to be transformed to another world, rich with real people, human beings with all their frailties, and share their gripping journey then read this book. It has all the suspense and excitement of an adventure novel, but much more than that, it offers magic and mystery, it offers the opportunity to suspend disbelief and enjoy and engage with your and the author’s unboundaried imagination. As you travel through the trilogy, you will find yourself unsure as to whether to race ahead and discover what happens, or hold back savouring the opportunity to immerse yourself in each chapter’s revelations and reflections.
Whichever you decide, the wonderful world of Azimuth is somewhere well worth escaping to.” Heather UK
“Jack, in “About the Book” you tell us that it has taken 10 years to write Azimuth. Believe me, it has been time well spent. I love both the story and the way that it is told; the trilogy has been keeping me company in planes, trains and automobiles for a few weeks. The book functions and succeeds on so many levels, whether it be as an adventure, as a tale of court intrigues, or as an examination of some of life’s more profound questions. The trilogy is written in a highly visual style and I think that it would lend itself well to becoming a trilogy of films; this would be a fitting tribute to a man who loves cinema so much. The opening paragraph is beautifully crafted and hooked me from the outset; as I am sure that it is intended to do. The pace and energy continued to carry me through page after page; chapter after chapter; and eventually, volume after volume. I read the book in Kindle format, which deprived me of Holly Etheridge’s beautiful artwork on the cover, but the electronic form is kinder on my arms when I am travelling. However, my partner has just bought the paper edition, so I can still admire the artwork and the quality of the paper by proxy. I shall post a review of the individual volumes when time permits.” (Greg Switzerland)
Excellent trilogy, definitely up there with the Northern Lights trilogy and Lord of the Rings books.
I have recommended this to everyone I know! (Drew UK)
“Un libro fantastico. Debes comprarlo!”. Libro entretenido desde la portada hasta el contenido. Lleno de aventura, magia, bien escrito y caracteristico lleno de fantasia. Merece la pena leerlo. Inmerste en un mundo de magia y aventura. Disfruta de la imaginacion de este fantastico autor. Maria UK/Spain
Sometimes I feel sad when I finish a really good book because I can’t live in its magical world anymore. This time I’m delighted as there’s a second and third part to come! I read this on holiday and had the luxury of being able to read for entire days. I didn’t want to leave the world of the Magus. I love the magic and the story and the questions of faith / destiny / contemplation. I think actually it would make a really good film, a lot of the journey of the Magus there’s no need for speech and the open landscapes conjured by the prose could be filmed beautifully. It’s spiritual, romantic, exotic, intriguing and a real page-turner – un-put-downable. Jennifer UK


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