Spy-ders and webs of intrigue

I watched yet another programme about the end of the world happening on December 21st 2012, according to the Mayan calendar, the patterns in the I Ching, Chinese astrology, Revelations in the Bible, a variety of soothsayers and some scientists who say that the earth, the sun and the black hole at the centre of our galaxy are in alignment for the first time for 25,000 years which could lead to the poles reversing and untold doom.  I’ve seen it all before, and there is a part of every person prone to a hysterical flash of deep fear when presented with the presentiment of his own death, never mind all of humankind.  That having passed, there was a piece of evidence that I had not seen before and which lingered when calmness returned.
Apparently, by using spiders – search programmes – that run around the web, information can be gathered of even the tiniest import, which gives something like an accurate projection of events and when they will occur.  It began (naturally) as a means of forecasting the stock market (crashes in particular) and moved on to political, environmental and social events.  What I thought was intriguing was that the programmers believe that their spiders create a zeitgeist-like understanding of macro events because they are linked in to the combined consciousness of everyone who uses the internet.  Very close to Jung’s idea of a universal unconscious which he believed we tap into for our visions, dreams, innovations and creations.  Anyway, the spiders also say that December 21st 2012 is human race ground zero.  Of course they must be gathering all the other prognostications listed above in their travels around data topography which itself must be influencing millions of internet browsers but even so, it was a new perspective on doom.
No doubt these spiders or spybots are used extensively by all intelligence units throughout the world.  Every nation wants an economic, social or political edge never mind a military one.  But I have not read that the banks who brought us into economic ruin have been subject to our web creepy crawlies.  Of course not.  They are above rigorous investigation as are their auditors.  They eat and drink at the same troughs are our political masters and leaders of multinational companies, move across international borders with impunity and gamble the day and night away.  Wouldn’t it be good if a spider-handler did a wikileaks on them and we were given some illumination into the murky world of the hidden controllers of human destiny?   
At least until December 21st 2012!

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