I am not going to say much. I have been watching Sky, BBC and various other news stations. I have seen the jowly conservatives in obeisance.  I’ve seen the angry younger generations of those she abused, celebrating her death like some medieval pageant. I’ve seen the re-writing of history. I’ve heard over and over again that Thatcher ‘saved’ Britain. That she was a great leader.
My definition of a great leader is, like Mandela, one who brings about reconciliation. Thatcher was incapable of such a sentiment. Class war exists today in the UK. The poor are ever more downtrodden, more ill-educated and unhealthy. It is the inevitable consequence of free market capitalism.  Remember that it was Thatcher that broke society. Deregulation and privatization have been an unqualified success for the few and a plague on the houses of the many. The very idea of a state-like funeral ceremony for a woman who had no empathy for ‘society’ but saw the all-conquering individual as the deus ex machina of change  is, quite frankly, appalling. She protected Pinochet. She supported the whites during apartheid in South Africa.
I was brought up on council estates in mining communities. Good, hard-working people. Their bonds irrevocably torn asunder by a mercenary police force. The same kind of force that was responsible for the death of football supporters and the lying vilification of working class Liverpudlians in the Hillsborough disaster. Thatcher quashed an early, critical report of the police’s actions in Sheffield on the basis that people should not have their trust in the police undermined. If Thatcher had been a great leader she would have dealt with Scargill, summarily,  and found a way of bringing the miners and other industrial workers onside. Of softening the blow of unemployment. Of making people feel valued. Of saving their towns and villages and culture.
Instead we got the gross greed of the loadsamoney generation. The conspicuously rich making money from privatizing industries and ripping them off while the country’s infra-structure was allowed to rot.
Politicians are extending their sympathy to her twin children. One of them is an arms dealer and a gun-runner. It’s all too sick for words.
Ceremonial funeral?
It is as though nothing has changed in man’s inhumanity to man. You might want to read:
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