The Black Hole of Islamabad

Continuing  the theme of asking how it is possible to square the assassination of Osama Bin Laden with the US’s avowed intent of exporting democracy and the principles of a justice which is universal and does not discriminate between rich and poor, I see that the American administration is cementing its story that there was no alternative to the killing.  Obviously this is a nonsense.  Releasing pictures of Obama and the war cabinet viewing what amounts to a snuff movie merely underlines the event as a global advertising campaign for the assurance that American vengeance will prevail everywhere.  In fact there were several senators who concurred openly with Obama on that score.  Far from being the least bad scenario in terms of its consequences for peace and harmony between creeds and races in the world, its very calculated and atavistic nature will enrage and incite those for whom life amounts to a jihad against anyone who is different from them.
I watched a programme on black holes the other night and there is a growing number of scientists who believe that there is a black hole nestling in the centre of our planet, having its most demonstrable effect on the Bermuda trench and the Marianna trench, resulting in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle history and the same heap of weird occurrences on exactly the opposite side of the Earth.  In fact the suggestion is that there are black holes everywhere, the biggest nearby being the super-massive black hole at the centre of our galaxy.  Apparently our little, local one still packs a punch and could be having effects upon tectonic plates, volcanoes, weather patterns, the ocean flows and all else.  One of the outcomes of this likelihood is the theory that the constant creation of new life forms results from a physically changing earth.  The supreme violence of black holes leads to the birth of new possibilities.
No doubt Obama, who seems a straight fellow in most ways despite a certain religiosity that does not sit well with me, hopes that by exporting his own black hole into the centre of Pakistan, something creative will emerge from the act.  But what?  Stretching my mind I cannot embrace any likely good.  Instead, as with the Bermuda Triangle, all I see are more anomalous disasters, planes coming down, ships sinking, buildings, dams, railways lines, airports blown up.  The problem for Obama is that what he has precipitated and witnessed is in complete contradiction to his rhetoric.  He cannot now ever be a Ghandi or a Christ or a Buddha figure.  He has, like Macbeth, stepped too deep in blood to ever redress his extreme act and find redemption.

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