• Eighty is the New Fifty!

    Writing as a Longevity Pill. Ok. so now you are eighty, in the land of diminishing returns. So many friends have taken leave by the wayside and, like part of an expedition into the unknown, beset by danger, you belong to a small cohort, braving the hostile terrain ahead. To live a long and healthy… Know More

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  • The Podcaster

    Here I am, getting all techy sith my mic, baffles to absorb sound and a rather neat podcasting platform called Buzzsprout. the intent? To draw people to this website and encourage them to download books. it’s quite addictive, actually. Choosing extracts to read, getting the head around presentation, music underpinnings, the arts of sound shaping… Know More

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  • The Transitory Nature of Life

    My son Joseph mentioned that in Japan, where he lives, ceramics are worth a great deal more if they are broken and then mended with gold filling. That led to me writing some lines in a Blues, as follows: Yet the greatest thing I have to share Is that love’s like china and oft needs… Know More

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  • The Three Legged Cow

    What’s in a gift I ask of you? Over my life I’ve received a few But none to match my five year old joy At receiving a gift from a miner’s boy Of a brown lead cow with a leg short of four  Which I carefully placed in my secret drawer From then until now… Know More

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  • Trial and Punishment

    I wrote this epic poem during the second lock-down. Beset by concerns for my children and grandchildren in an unravelling climate emergency, I dropped into a purple vein and finished the poem in six weeks, a 22 line stanza a day marathon. Written like a science fiction novella, it sets out the terrible fate that… Know More

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  • Mandala in Purple

    “Don’t visit my grave,” you said “It’s an empty shell,” But I lay purple petals on the earth Defying you with a spell For though you were right you weren’t to know That I need a certain place  Where memories may come and go  And looking down on my small bouquet They form a mandala,… Know More

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  • Long before there was Christmas

    The family sits separate around the tree Among wrapped gifts tied in ribbonry Carols on the telly and turkey on a spit Sweets being chewed, mobiles all lit Cars outside under fairy lights Hanging from trees and eaves through the night Under floor heating at 30 degrees Tee shirts with logos and neatly pressed jeans… Know More

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  • The Lilac Tree

    One day when I was six or seven And doubted there might be a heaven A place with angels and a bearded God Who ruled the Earth with his lightning rod Well, on that day, I had to pee And Mrs Drummond let me be So out I went into the yard Where urinals waited,… Know More

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  • Stop the World

    Stop the world I want to get off For I hear my father in my cough My life was carved in words now worn On the altar stone when I was born Stop the world enough’s enough Of collecting all this material stuff That builds around me like a tomb And turns the sunlight into… Know More

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  • Stray Woman Blues (song for guitar 15)

    This morning I woke up in my secret lover’s bedI woke up in a cold sweat in my lover’s bedI‘d just had a nightmare that filled me full of dread I was dead in a coffin made from the willow treeI was dead in a coffin made from the willow treeAnd my eyes were open… Know More

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