Stop the World

Stop the world I want to get off

For I hear my father in my cough

My life was carved in words now worn

On the altar stone when I was born

Stop the world enough’s enough

Of collecting all this material stuff

That builds around me like a tomb

And turns the sunlight into gloom

I want to die and be born anew

So I do not do what others do

I want a path to love not war

A paradise on a far off shore

Stop the world I want to try

And look around with a baby’s eye

And smell the scent of a thousand flowers

And sleep below a broad leafed tower

At home among the fur and wings

Of a thousand living breathing things

To be a feral wandering soul

Without a sense of aim or goal

Stop the world I want an end

Of seeing what is round the bend

All I want is to be known

For words in water not in stone


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