Blue Angel (song for guitar 10)

Like a bright shooting star
You shone from afar
You colour my night
In Black and White
Your face does not lie
There is truth in your eyes

Marlene Marlene Marlene O

A century ago
Saw Blue Angel on show
Though our times are apart
You captured my heart
But time cannot hide

What I feel here inside

Marlene Marlene Marlene O

I sit here alone
When her movie is shown
I never leave until
The cinema is still
The curtains pulled tight
And turned-up house lights

Marlene Marlene Marlene O

I’m not out of my mind
My heart is not blind
For one day my queen
You’ll step from the screen
And in a hot blooded bliss
You’ll wake to my kiss

Marlene Marlene Marlene O

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