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Later a Fox (Song for guitar 9)

Thursday, December 5, 2019


Mother and daughter went into the shop

The girl wanted pizza and a bottle of pop

The counter boy gave her the coke and the grub

In a plastic bottle and a plastic tub


Shop pop grub tub shop pop swag bag


Daughter and mother went dancing along

Drinking and chewing and humming a song

They dropped their rubbish in a litter bin

Full of paper and plastic and stale food and tins


Along song bin tins along song bin tins


Later a fox came looking for food

And thought that something smelled really good

He toppled the bin so the rubbish was spread

And ate some crusts of buttery bread


Food good spread bread food good spread bread


After a while a strong wind came by

And blew pizza wrappings up into the sky

One fluttered about like a kite with no string

And stuck on the head of a gull on the wing


By sky string wing by sky string wing


The gull was blinded and crashed to the sea

Where the wrapping came off and let her fly free

The plastic sank down like a clear parachute

And a jellyfish thought it might make a cute suit


Sea free chute suit sea free chute suit


Then a seal gulped the jelly with mouth opened wide

But it wriggled away leaving plastic inside

The seal got sick and washed up on the shore

Where children were eating a pizza for four


Wide inside shore four wide inside shore four


They called the coastguards but the poor seal had died

So they checked his stomach for what was inside 

There were wrappings from pizzas and chewing gum goo

And horrible stuff people put down the loo


Died inside goo loo died inside goo loo


The seal was taken and buried at sea

The rubbish was placed in a bin by a tree

Later a fox came looking for food

Knocked over the bin as he smelled something good …


Sea tree food good sea tree food good



Later that day a strong wind came by

And cheese pizza wrappings blew into the sky ….









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